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1999 SLAGO Conference

Proposals referred to the Liaison Committee

The following points, arising out of the 1999 SLAGO Conference, were discussed by the Liaison Committee, and the Committee’s response to each is shown in italics.

1)   We should send delegates a summary of proceedings and the SLAGO Agreement.


2)   We should send delegates a list of groups represented, with the contact for each group.


3)    SLAGO should keep groups’ contact details, and a brief record of past communication and response.

In hand (Ross)

4)    We should send out a copy of Michael’s list of groups.

To be sent to those delegates who request it (subject to copyright and data protection issues)

5)    We should consider mailing to member groups by e-mail.

To be referred to Philip and the future editor of SLAGO Link

6)   SLAGO could perhaps try to publish a monthly/bi-monthly news sheet.

To be referred to Philip and the future editor of SLAGO Link

7)   Some of the material generally helpful to groups might be displayed on the web site.


8)    The SLAGO web site should have links with other groups to keep them in touch with SLAGO.


9)    Having four main topics at the Conference was too much and they were too diverse.

10)  It should have been more formal, with one chairperson to coordinate the afternoon and set times.

11)  SLAGO came over as male, middle aged, middle class, and lesbian delegates felt excluded.

12)  Representatives of younger groups felt that SLAGO was not for them nor their groups.

Points 9 to 12 will be borne in mind when planning next year’s Conference

13)  SLAGO should contact other Surrey and London Gay groups with a view to involving them.


14)  There is a role for inter-group publicity – possibly through SLAGO Link and through the web site.

We will mention this in the next SLAGO Link

15)   SLAGO should promote more frequent shared social events.


16)  Get some tennis players for our group’s regular tennis sessions or inter-group matches?

In hand (Tony)

17)   SLAGO should get a listing in Gay Times, so other groups know we exist.

In hand (Roger)

18)  We should investigate joint advertising in the media.

In hand (Ross)

19)  SLAGO should provide a summary of news of gay issues (to groups who ask to receive it).

In hand (Roger)

20)  SLAGO should provide a web page of suggestions to groups on liaison with the police.

Being further investigated (Roger)

21)  SLAGO should promote ways to support lesbians in the region.

In hand (Roger)

22)  SLAGO should facilitate links between youth groups and between younger members of our groups.

In hand (Roger)

23)   In the name “SLAGO”, the word “Surrey” should be dropped.

It was felt that this should not be taken forward

24)  SLAGO should avoid disadvantaging groups and individuals who are not on the Internet.


25)   SLAGO should fully respect the views of groups who do not wish to be involved in campaigning.


2626)   SLAGO should promote a wider range of events.

Member groups to be asked to offer events they already do well as shared SLAGO events

27)   We should set up a working party to compile a list of inter-group events within the next 12 months.

Currently the Liaison Committee is working on this

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