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1999 SLAGO Conference

Feedback from Delegates

During the SLAGO conference, delegates were asked to complete brief questionnaires. The results are as follows. The responses have been changed only enough to make them anonymous.

The responses were to five questions:

  1. What is your most successful event (so that others can try it)
  2. Biggest problems facing your group
  3. What can SLAGO do to help your group?
  4. How useful did you find this Conference?
  5. Any other comments, or suggestions for future Conferences?

Most successful events

  • Monthly meeting with speaker.
  • Speaker evenings, music evenings, Internet coffee evenings.
  • Christmas party.
  • Days out to London area places of interest, monthly meetings, occasional parties.
  • Certain public concerts, eg Emma Peel Fan Club!
  • Parties.
  • Days out (at weekends).
  • Classical music evenings; pub evenings.
  • Monthly speaker.
  • Weekly social evening, quiz contest, bank holiday weekend excursion
  • Social events; tennis group.

Biggest problems facing your group

  • Apathy, inactive membership, lack of volunteers.
  • Lack of volunteers and apathy.
  • Few problems I know of.
  • Poor image in the eyes of recently lapsed members and some new prospects.
  • Numbers.
  • Lack of volunteers including lack of Committee succession.
  • Do not have a suitable public venue for holding parties.
  • Inactive membership – getting feedback from “interested” but non-participating members.
  • Our group cannot through it’s funding organise social groups or activities, but refers members to groups through its newsletter.
  • Retaining new members; getting young members.
  • Knowing what to offer people who are new.
  • Falling numbers; lack of volunteers.
  • Apathy, inactive membership.
  • Not enough members attending monthly meetings.
  • Classical music.

What can SLAGO do to help your group?

  • Coordination of social activities (the competition does not seem popular and does not attract audiences).
  • SLAGO could perhaps try to publish a monthly/bi-monthly newssheet.
  • Get some tennis players for our regular tennis sessions or inter-group matches?
  • Not sure: SLAGO events help, although not many of our members attend.
  • Maintaining its role of encouraging groups to stage special “SLAGO” events.
  • Provide ideas/concepts for activities for our group to develop.
  • Provide wider opportunity for publicity of our group’s events.
  • Provide a London-wide perspective on LGB groups.
  • Just give any useful advice.
  • I am starting a group (personally) on Sunday afternoons.
  • Social contacts.
  • Don’t know enough about SLAGO, but probably interchanging ideas.
  • Publicity.
  • More advertising: Pink Paper, Boyz, etc.
  • Lack of volunteers, meeting places (venues).

How useful did you find this Conference?

  • Interesting.
  • It was interesting.
  • Very informative.
  • Very useful.
  • Found it varied, perhaps too varied.
  • Not against joining SLAGO, but I don’t really see that many [of our group’s] members would participate in SLAGO activities. Our group is not very different from other groups, but our focus is local.
  • For the group itself difficult. For me I enjoyed the first session. Was not sure what Roger was talking about. I don’t have an internet and don’t intend getting one.
  • Very useful in raising a host of difficult issues but needs a chairperson to co-ordinate through the whole afternoon and impose a timescale.

Any other comments, or suggestions for future Conferences

  • Unfortunately it would appear the complexion of SLAGO is rather inclined towards the older male middle classed gay. There were one or two occasions when I wondered if the majority of the speakers only mentioned lesbians because there happened to be three of us in the room. I hate being an afterthought.
  • I would be interested to know the general makeup of these groups sex wise. I also want to mention the age gap within the room. Not that this should matter, but it seems to dictate the flavour of SLAGO. I’m not sure if our group would actually want to be affiliated to SLAGO. Perhaps things would change if there was a younger, prominent element.
  • We find SLAGO’s non-inclusive attitude to women – and lesbians in particular – difficult!
  • I’m a little concerned at the importance of e-mail – it has its place, but it doesn’t reach older isolated people where there is no pubs – Pink Paper – and not able to adapt to new technology.
  • Perhaps just one topic for discussion!
  • It should have been web site followed by e-mail.
  • Please send out information about today’s conference: if not a summary of proceedings, at least the SLAGO Agreement and list of groups attending plus contacts of those groups. And can I please have a copy of Michael’s list of groups?
  • Next conference needs to be more formal and better organised. But saying that, it’s better than it used to be. And I do hope it gets better and better.
  • The word “Surrey” should be dropped I think.

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