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Press Release: New history of London gay Groups

4 July 2010

CHE members at the book launchA new book on the history of London’s Gay Groups was launched today as part of London’s Gay Pride celebrations. Out of the Shadows – a history of the pioneering London gay groups 1967–2000, is edited by Tony Walton, and includes contributions by over 40 people who were connected with the various groups. The launch took place at the Annual Conference of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) at the Friends Meeting House, Euston Road.

The book is published by Bona Street Press, at £11.50 plus postage and packing.

Michael Cashman MEP, writing in the Foreword to the book, says “It charts an eye-popping account of the explosion of activity in London which followed the change in the law in 1967. The years preceding this date were grim indeed for many gay people and this legislation was nothing short of life-transforming. ... There is much in this book which has not been previously put to paper and that is why it forms a valuable historical record.”

Tony Walton, editor, said “in putting together this book we’re very glad to have had access to oral testimony from many of the pioneers, which often brings out the full story of triumphs, disasters, and conflicts, that the formal minutes and newsletters gloss over”.

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